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Welcome to the ChILD Research Group!

Two of our amazing researchers, Lorraine Reggin and Dr. Penny Pexman, have a new article in the Journal Early Childhood Education. In the article, the researchers discuss the concept of embodied cognition, the idea that our knowledge comes from our own experiences with the real world, and explore how this relates to learning in young children. They discuss the implications of this, and provide take home messages to readers. The article is available for download in pdf format here!

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We are four University of Calgary psychology labs doing research on children's language & learning!

  • We have studies setup as TV shows or games for children to play
  • When your child is eligible to participate in one of our studies, a researcher will contact you and provide you with details about the study
  • Children aged 2-months to 14 years of age are able to participate
  • Our research is non-evaluative and not clinical, and does not assess the skills of individual children
  • We will arrange a time that is convenient for you to do the study!
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Please visit our Ch.I.L.D. Research Group lab websites to find additional information about each lab:

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