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Connecting community and research for better impact.

Community members are invited to engage with, participate in and partner in the shaping of the research we support. Stay connected to find potential opportunities to collaborate with the Azrieli Accelerator and get involved with research focused on neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental conditions. 

Family Engagement in Research Course

-- Applications for the 2024 cohort have now closed. Please watch this page for updates on the next cohort, or email us at azrieli.accelerator@ucalgary.ca


The Family Engagement in Research course aims to build capacity for engaged research partnerships between people with lived/living experience (both self-advocates and family members) and researchers. 

The FER course was developed and is presented by CanChild and the Kids Brain Health Network. You can learn more about the history of this course and the full program of learning opportunities they offer here.

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The Family Engagement in Research course is designed for community members with lived/living experience who want to build their skills to partner with research in universities and hospitals, as well as for researchers (graduate students, research coordinators), clinicians and health care providers who want to build their skills in partnering with people with lived/living experience to design impactful research. 

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Participate in research across UCalgary

UCalgary believes in thinking creatively and courageously, and in doing research that has a positive impact on our communities at home and around the world. Our scholars conduct research studies and clinical trials in a vast range of disciplines, from MRIs to understand childhood brain development, to online surveys that help us understand how people interact on social media.

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