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About the Azrieli Accelerator

Igniting transdisciplinary collaboration to transform neurodevelopment research across the lifespan

Building knowledge together

The Azrieli Accelerator uses strategic funding to cultivate and launch research and opportunities with a focus on neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental conditions, with a lifespan approach, in a way that leads to making a positive difference in the lives of people with neurodevelopmental conditions. 

What are neurodevelopmental conditions? 

Examples of neurodevelopmental conditions include ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, intellectual disability, FASD, rare chromosomal conditions, and cerebral palsy. These are conditions that affect the brain's development of neurological pathways that influence performance or functioning such as intellectual functioning, reading ability, social skills, memory, attention or focus skills.


Across the lifespan

Priority Research Programs

The Azrieli Accelerator is open to advancing research related to all neurodevelopmental conditions. In studying neurodevelopmental conditions, we also have identified three priority programmatic areas that will engage a cross section of transdisciplinary researchers.

Brain circuitry

The Azrieli Accelerator will expand our understanding of how brain circuitry is influenced by neural stem cells, synaptic physiology, glial biology, and more. Furthermore, we can examine how alterations in pathways can improve outcomes for people with NDDs.

Microbiome influences

The influence of the microbiome on the brain isn't completely understood. We want to identify the mechanisms by which the microbiome modulates the neuroimmune axis to alter brain connectivity and function and/or drive gut dysfunction in people with neurodevelopmental conditions and gut dysfunction. 

Interventions and care transformations

Improving the lives of people living with neurodevelopmental disabilities is at the heart of the Azrieli Accelerator. This theme will seek to make change in community, care, education and healthcare settings for neurodiverse people of all ages

Transformational change

Investing in powerful ideas and collaborations

The Azrieli Accelerator enhances collaborations within UCalgary, throughout the community and across a global network to invest in the growth of ideas and knowledge.

  • Keystone projects to generate new knowledge.
  • Catalyst Grants to bring new ideas to life.
  • Transdisciplinary training to prepare the next generation of leaders.
  • Collaboration to build partnerships, learn from others and share our expertise.

Fueling transdisciplinary connections

Transdisciplinary collaboration is at the heart of the Azrieli Accelerator. It drives breakthrough research, improves the quality, scale and impact of research outcomes, and inspires innovation. By building relationships across UCalgary and beyond, the Azrieli Accelerator connects researchers and community with like-minded organizations and groups.

In addition to research sponsored by the Azrieli Accelerator, these UCalgary faculties, institutes and centres are advancing important research related to neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental conditions.

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UCalgary's approach to research impact

The Azrieli Accelerator is within the portfolio of the Office of the Vice-President (Research) at the University of Calgary. Dr. William Ghali, Vice-president (Research), shares more about UCalgary’s commitment to research impact and the importance of engaging with the community for research. 

Read more about research impact at UCalgary.

Azrieli Accelerator

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