UCalgary eLearning

An Introduction to Sustainability

What is sustainability?

This new eLearning online course explores what sustainability means to our campus and the ways you can get involved. It’s open to all UCalgary students, faculty and staff, and is accessible through Enterprise Learning.

The goal of the course is to share stories about UCalgary sustainability leadership, key sustainability concepts at a global level, and what sustainability means from several different perspectives.

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe what sustainability is and the important role that universities play in advancing sustainability;
  • Provide at least one way our campus community is collaboratively advancing sustainability;
  • Find additional sustainability resources on campus; and,
  • Describe the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and why they are important to us as human beings.

This course will provide credit towards the UBegin program, but you can take this course regardless of whether you have already completed UBegin. UBegin offers comprehensive onboarding and training for new employees that helps them navigate the university environment. Questions? Contact sustain@ucalgary.ca.

Questions? Contact sustain@ucalgary.ca.