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The experiential learning on campus project exposed me to a real-world scenario and required me to learn new skills while applying knowledge from my other classes. Our team collaborated with various stakeholders impacted by the project and allowed me to create solutions to industrial problems while learning about the importance of teamwork.

Tanvir Alam

CLL student participant, ENEE 503

Participating with the students in a CLL setting does not only benefit the students; it also benefits the organization taking part in their project. You are getting a critical review of your operation done by students who are taking their project and final report extremely seriously. I found it to be of great benefit.

Derek Kogstad

Manager Distribution Services/Supply Chain Management, UCalgary

The CLL team crafted a presentation on UCalgary's sustainability reporting and facilitated an experiential exercise that allowed students to dive into past CSR reports and decide how to improve them. It was a win-win for the students, and the CLL team was able to learn about what students thought about how to improve future CSR reports. Win-win!

Houston Peschl

Instructor, Haskayne School of Business