Institutional Sustainability Strategy

Our roadmap to continuous improvement

We are committed to creating opportunities for entrepreneurial thinking, applied practice and project-based learning in sustainability. The Institutional Sustainability Strategy is a roadmap for continuous improvement in our pursuit of excellence and leadership in sustainability. How we get there is laid out in the supporting and interdependent frameworks: Advancing Sustainability Education and Research, Engagement for Sustainability and Sustainability in Administration and Operations.

The Institutional Sustainability Strategy is our guiding document to advance University of Calgary's long-term foundational commitment to sustainability.


Institutional Sustainability Strategy Goals

Advancing sustainability education

Integrating research and education in sustainability

Enriching engagement for sustainability

Modeling the way within administration and operations

The University of Calgary aims to become a Canadian post-secondary education leader in sustainability, in our academic and engagement programs, administrative and operational practices, and through supporting community and industry in their aims for leadership in sustainability.

Institutional Sustainability Strategy, 2016-21

“UCalgary graduates are skilled collaborators and engaged citizens who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability in the ways they use their leadership skills to strengthen the social, natural, economic and cultural fabric of their communities.” – Academic Plan