Textile and Battery Recycling

Textile, Battery and Ink Toner Recycling

Responsible Consumption

Our UCalgary Campus Textile Program was started by a group of students who wanted to decrease the harmful effects of fast fashion and textile production on our planet, and to promote responsible consumption. When you place your old textiles in this bin, they will be donated if in good condition, or upcycled into new products. Since they started the program, UCalgary has diverted more than 15,381 lbs of textiles from the landfill.

What textiles are accepted?

All textiles including clean and dry clothing (undergarments and athletic clothing included), paired shoes, household textiles (such as bedding, towels and rags) and old banners. If items are in good condition, they are donated. Everything else is recycled.

Items need to be placed in bags.

What are recycled textiles made into?

When the textile recycling bins are full, contents are picked up by our vendor, Trans-Continental Textile Recycling. They take the materials and create items like carpets, furniture stuffing, insulation and sound proofing, and low grade threads are processed into new threads. Learn more about the textile recycling process.

What items are not accepted?

Fabric scraps, glass, metal, paper, and reusable bags are not accepted.


Contact sustain@ucalgary.ca.

Drop by any of the following locations to recycle your used batteries:

  • Sustainability Hive (MT 116)
  • MacEwan Hall Information Booth
  • Chemistry Stores (SB 050)
  • Engineering Store (ENC 025)
  • Hotel Alma (front office)
  • Foothills Health Sciences Centre (shipping and receiving)
  • Professional Faculties A2182
  • Crowsnest Hall Residence
  • Varsity Courts Residence

When you drop off your batteries, please place lithium batteries in the appropriate jar.

Have other items to recycle, but not sure where they go? Items like old electronics (including cell phones) can be properly disposed of by submitting a Material Disposal Request.

Battery Recycling bins and signage


Since 2014, we have recycled more than 2000 kg per year on average. This includes wet acid batteries and lithium ion batteries.

Ink toner/cartridges can be disposed of using the SCM Equipment Disposal Form:

Note: most used printer toner cartridges are removed from the printer and disposed of when new printer toner cartridges are requested and installed.


Go to https://ucalgary.service-now.com/it.


If not already signed in, click "Login" in the top right corner and sign in with IT account credentials at the Central Authentication Service (CAS) page.


Once signed in, select "Order something" > "Printing" > "Printer Toner".


Once in the "Printer Toner" request form, select the appropriate option from the "What would you like to do?" menu.


Fill out the required fields of the request form, highlighted by a red asterisk (*).


Once complete, select "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the request form and then click on "Cart" in the top right corner and follow the prompts to submit the request.


Contact Facilities with any questions.

Contact Facilities