Proceedings of the HMDs

The submitted and accepted papers from the preceding History of Medicine Days conferences have been and will continue to be published in the annual book series with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, where these books can also be bought on the book market. Please find the currently available volumes through the CSP homepage in the United Kingdom:

The Mackie Family History of Neuroscience Collection at the University of Calgary

The Mackie Family History of Neuroscience Collection provides a unique resource at the University of Calgary that will be available to everyone including students, faculty and the public.  The collection broadens the neuroscience educational experience and digitizing the collection enables people around the world to share in the resource.  It consists of over 2.400 historical books from the 16th to the 21st century and is further complemented by autographs, pamphlets, off-prints and journal articles from the history of neuroscience and medicine. The Mackie Family History of Neuroscience Collection is integrated with the Dr. Peter Cruse and the Dr. Earle P. Scarlett Collections in the History of Medicine Reading Room of the Calgary Health Sciences Library. To see a blog on the collection, please click here.

The Chicksands Military Collection (History of Military Science Sections)

50,000 antiquarian military history books and documents have been donated to the University of Calgary, Alberta, by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom. Within this enormous collection, there are also many sections on military surgery, traumatology, developments of body prosthetics, the use of medical imagery and diagnostic tools and instruments within army, navy and airforce contexts. The "Chicksands Military Collection" thus offers ample research opportunities also for history of medicine projects. To see the blog of the UofC Cultural Resources and Library Collections, please click here.

Calgary History of Medicine Days Proceedings Volumes

For copies of individual articles from the Proceedings Volumes of the History of Medicine Days before 2007, please send an e-mail with your postal address to Donna Weich ( or to the Health Sciences Library ( You can also download individual articles that have appeared after 2006 from:

Lib-Guide History of Medicine of the University of Calgary Health Sciences Library

The HSL has produced an electronic guide that lists the resources to both researchers and students in the History of Medicine including links and collections from external Internet sites as well as information on the HSL's Dr. Earle P. Scarlett and Dr. Peter Cruse collections.

LibGuide for the History of Medicine at the UofC.