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Welcome to Metallomics research at the UofC


The industrial revolution represents the onset of the unprecedented mobilization of toxic metals and metalloids from the earth's crust into the global environment. Consequently certain human populations are today exposed to higher daily doses of toxic metals/metalloid species today than ever before. While little is known about the biomolecular mechanisms which may causally link the chronic exposure of humans to non-essential elements with adverse health effects, it is well known that non-essential element species do enter the bloodstream. Since toxic metals/metalloid species undergo toxicologically relevant biochemical transformations therein, the research group of Dr. Gailer strives to better understand this 'bioinorganic chemistry' as the latter holds the key to obtain new insight into exposure-disease relationships. Moreover, his research group is also interested in unraveling the biomolecular basis of the severe side effects of anticancer active metal-complexes that are intravenously administered to treat cancer patients. Both research avenues hinge on the application of research tools that allow to gain insight into mechanisms that unfold in complex biological fluids (e.g. blood plasma).