PhD Dissertations

List of PhD Dissertations

1. A. H. B. Abdelhafiz, "Efficient Digital Predistortion for Next-Generation Wireless Systems Using Optimization and Signal Processing Techniques".


2. A. M. E. R. Abounemra, "GaN Monolithic Microwave Integrated Amplifiers for Space and Wireless Applications".


3. P. Aflaki, "Nonlinear modeling of GaN transistors and switching-mode power amplifiers design for dual-band wireless applications".


4. M. Akbarpour, "Broadband and Energy-Efficient Power Amplifier Architectures".


5. M. Aziz, "Blind Compensation of Impairments in Wireless Transceivers".


6. S. A. Bassam, "Advanced signal processing techniques for impairments compensation and linearization of siso and mimo transmitters".


7. A. Ben Arfi, "Delta-Sigma Based Signal Processing Techniques for Broadband Radio Applications".


8. R. Darraji, "Advanced Doherty Power Amplifier Architectures for Broadband and Multistandard Wireless Transceivers".


9. M. M. Ebrahimi, "Delta-Sigma Based Transmitters for GHz Wireless Radio Systems".


10. W. S. A. A. I. El-Deeb, "A multi-port measurement system for large-signal characterization of microwave devices".


11. F. Elsayed, "Multi-level Delta Sigma Modulator Based Transmitters for GHz Wireless Radio Systems".


12. O. Hammi, "Modeling and linearization of nonlinear Rf power amplifiers/transmitters for multi-carrier wireless commuication systems".


13. A. Hasan, "Frequency Agile and Low Power Homodyne Radio Receivers".


14. M. Helaoui, "Advanced transmitter architectures using switching mode power amplifiers".


15. M. Jouzdani, "Advanced Delta-Sigma Transmitter Architectures for High Performance Wireless Applications".


16. A. Kwan, "Efficiency Improvement of Multi-band Wireless Transceivers using Advanced Digital Signal Processing Algorithms".


17. K. Rawat, "Multi-brand/multi-standard wirless transmitter for software defined radios".


18. M. Rawat, "Artificial neural networks for modeling and digital predistortion for software defined transmitters".


19. S. Rezaei Nazifi, "Continuous-Mode Power Amplifiers for Broadband Power-Efficient Wireless Applications".


20. T. Sharma, "Modelling and Design Methodology of High-Efficiency Harmonic Tuned Power Amplifiers for 5G Applications".


21. M. Vejdaniamiri, "Signal Processing Techniques for Power Efficiency and Signal Quality Enhancement of SISO and MIMO Radio Systems".


22. M. F. Younes, "Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Linearization of Multi-band Transmitters".