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Equitable Pathways

Creating equitable pathways requires organizations to examine where the barriers to access are at the student, faculty and staff levels. Only when these barriers are identified can they be addressed and removed. At UCalgary, creating equitable pathways is critical to offering a world-class, research-based academic environment for students to learn and faculty to teach, and where staff can work on providing a campus experience for all that strives for innovation, creativity, scholarship and organizational effectiveness and management.


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To make meaningful change to achieve an equitable, diverse, and inclusive university, key demographic data must be collected and efforts to identify and close the diversity gaps must be tracked. In the spirit of transparency, the University of Calgary is sharing its demographic data within this EDI dashboard. 


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As part of the OEDI’s mandate to strengthen UCalgary’s efforts to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion, we are conducting censuses to gather a glimpse of current demographic data, experiences, and feedback to enable members of the UCalgary community in achieving their full potential. These censuses are a critical piece of our reporting.

Data Infographics

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Learn more about the composition of the UCalgary community's employee and student groups. The data infographics represent the changes in demographics over the years 2016 to 2020. This data is integral to the OEDI's reporting strategy as an overall picture on how the UCalgary community currently reflects the overall Canadian population. 


Employment Equity Report Analysis of Gaps in Representation of Designated Groups

Prepared for the Federal Contractors Program, June 2015. University of Calgary.

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Workforce Analysis Summary

University of Calgary, March 4, 2010

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Faculty Salary Equity Report

University of Calgary, May 2005

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