ii' taa'poh'to'p

A place to rejuvenate and re-energize during a journey

The realization of ii' taa'poh'to'p will require patience, dedication, ongoing dialogue and thoughtful reflection. Reconciliation will be an ongoing process for many years — perhaps generations.


"This strategy is not about integration. It's not about assimilation. It's recognizing that we have two very different cultures that want to walk together, on a path, in a good way."

- Dr. Dru Marshall, PhD, former provost and vice-president, academic


Our Journey

Learn about the strategy's foundations, the historical and cultural context of truth and reconciliation, and our consultation process as we developed our strategy

Indigenous Strategy


Learn about our conceptual and cultural models and how we are rethinking ways of knowing, doing, connecting and being, using the guiding principles of transformation, renewal and shared space.



Read the 52-page strategy document, which guides our journey forward in the coming years. Released in November 2017.