Tzedakah-Sadaqah: A Series of Intercultural Service Projects

Join the Faith and Spirituality Centre in partnership with the Leadership and Student Engagement office as we explore what “service” means. We collaborate with various religious and spiritual communities in Calgary and offer a diverse range of educational workshops, organized volunteer opportunities and critical reflections/debriefs.

"Tzedakah" derives from Hebrew meaning righteousness, fairness or justice and is often used to refer to charity obligations. "Sadaqah" is an Arabic word means charity and comes from the tradition of Islam.


Tzedakah-Sadaqah: Culture Share Submission Registration Webform

The 2020-2021 school year has been an incredibly challenging one, but it is also incredibly unique. We have UCalgary students calling in from all different corners of the globe and we want to learn about you! Culture Share is designed to be a platform where UCalgary students from all around the world can share the holidays and traditions of their culture and highlight what makes them special. 

  • Do you have a favourite family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation? 
  • Do you look forward to celebrating one special day each year? 

We want to learn about it, and we want to learn about you. Over the next year, we will be collecting your favourite holiday recipes and video submissions of your favourite holiday traditions to learn about the amazing and diverse population of the UCalgary community.  

All the recipes collected will be turned into an “All Holiday Cookbook” and the videos will be compiled into a Cultural Celebrations video compilation.  All submissions will be showcased on the Tzedakah-Sadaqah: Culture Share webpage and students will receive a free digital copy of the cookbook and video compilation.