Student Volunteers


There are several volunteer opportunities available! We welcome volunteers in either the Fall or Winter semesters. 

Why volunteer with us?

At the Faith & Spirituality Centre, we value everyone's story. We believe people flourish when they are able to live their religious, spiritual and secular identities. 

We believe we are better together and grow by learning from multiple perspectives. We want to be the heart on campus for connection, community and asking deeper questions about meaning and purpose. 

Do you share our vision of an inclusive campus? Volunteer with us!

Volunteers will:

  • Gain practical skills in intercultural communication and capacity building
  • Set development goals and reflect critically on their experiences
  • Unlearn biases and assumptions, and learn to be socially responsible
  • Eat free food and make new friends

Want to join the Faith and Spirituality Centre's Student Team? Applications are currently CLOSED

Available positions

Applications are currently CLOSED for the Winter 2023 Semester. Applications will re-open in June for the Fall 2023 Semester.

Note: All positions are eligible for co-curricular credit. 

Faith & Spirituality Student Team (FASST)

The FASSTeam is involved in hosting several regular programs in our centre (such as DiversiTEA), representing the Faith & Spirituality Centre (FSC) at outreach events, providing opportunities for students to learn about different cultures and religions, and acting as hosts for new students who visit our centre.

The FASSTeam consists of 2 teams.

  • The Events Team
  • Peer Support and Outreach Team

Volunteer Position Descriptions 

Note: Applications are currently CLOSED for the Winter Semester. Applications will re-open in June for the Fall 2023 Semester.