Feb. 13, 2024

Qatar wins! University of Calgary in Qatar hosts AFC Asian Football Cup championship watch party

Shared excitement cements sense of community as Qatar defeats Jordan
A group of students stand in front of a screen playing a soccer game
Rachel Casipit

The University of Calgary in Qatar turned into a hub of excitement as students, faculty, and staff gathered to watch Qatar's national football team take on Jordan in the AFC Asian Football Cup championship. With flags waving and anticipation high, the campus was decorated in maroon and white, reflecting the colors of the Qatari flag.

Supporters cheered on their team amidst the aroma of traditional karak tea being shared amongst attendees, amongst other game-night goodies and food. Qatar, whose triumph in the 2019 AFC Cup had already cemented their status as a force in Asian football, emerged victorious with a 3-1 win over Jordan, sparking celebrations across campus and across the country.

Employees and students bonded over the shared excitement of the historic victory, highlighting the sense of community within the university.

University President Prof. Hala Sultan Al Easa, who was in attendance, shared her sentiments on the occasion, stating, "Tonight, we witnessed not only a remarkable display of athleticism but also the power of unity and shared pride. The University of Calgary in Qatar is honoured to be part of this historic moment, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Qatar's national team on their well-deserved victory. Let this win serve as a testament to the strength and resilience of our nation."

Mr. Hassan Kandar, director of student and enrolment services, who attended the event with his children, said, "It was a wonderful opportunity for our university community to come together, and it was heartening to see the event welcome not only employees but also their families. This inclusive atmosphere truly reflects the spirit of our institution."

As the night concluded, the spirit of celebration continued, underscoring the strength of the campus community within the University of Calgary in Qatar.