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Our LPL Achievements

LPL Achievements

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The Conversation, LPL Editions

Here are links to some of the public-interest pieces we’ve written over the last couple of years for the Conversation.

The Wordle craze: Why do we love puzzles, and are they good for our brains?, 2022. Dr. Penny Pexman

Why it’s difficult for children to understand sarcasm, 2021. Dr. Penny Pexman

8 summer activities to promote kids’ healthy development during COVID-19, 2020, Dr. Penny Pexman, Dr. Sheri Madigan, & Lorraine Reggin, PhD student

Parents play a key role in fostering children’s love of reading, 2019, Dr. Penny Pexman, Dr. Sheri Madigan, Dr. Susan Graham, & Lorraine Reggin, PhD student

Baby naming time? Here’s how people judge what’s in a name, 2019, Dr. Penny Pexman & Dr. David Sidhu

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