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Industry Partnerships

We work on fundamental research, and the application of that fundamental research to industry problems.  By leveraging provincial and federal leveraging programs, we can help solve some of your most pressing operational challenges.


NSERC Alliance

1:1 or 2:1 cash matching for one-to-five-year technology, research and development projects for fundamental and applied science and engineering


Mitacs Accelerate

1:1 matching for 4-month internships for graduate students.

Alberta Innovates

Alberta Innovates

Varied programs providing funding for small to medium businesses and for advanced TRL projects.

Current Projects

  • Modeling and Online Optimization of Hard Rock Drilling for Advanced Geothermal Systems (awarded by NSERC) with Eavor Technologies, Inc - NSERC Alliance
    • Abstract: Due to the depth of hot rock in most regions of Canada, the economic development of geothermal resources remains limited. Recent successful pilots of shallow, low temperature, geothermal energy production have validated the technology necessary for new generations of closed-loop geothermal systems, however, economic electricity production relies on the efficient drilling of igneous basement rock. There is significant experience in drilling softer sedimentary rock, but there is a gap in knowledge and experience in drilling deep wells through hard granitic formations. Allowing access to these hot basement thermal reservoirs would allow for widespread, economic development of geothermal systems. In partnership with Eavor Technology, Inc, this project aims to develop and validate (1) a hard-rock drilling model and (2) combine this model with existing, validated drillstring dynamics models to (3) develop a digital twin of a hard rock drilling system which may be used for optimization, system monitoring, and automation. Additionally, (4) fluid and thermal properties of high flow rate fluids will be investigated and (5) a data-driven model will be developed, compared, and combined with the physics-derived model to extend the model capabilities. 
  • Explainable Geothermal Machine Learning (awarded by Alberta Innovates) with Eavor Technologies, Inc - Campus Alberta Small Business Engagement
    • Abstract: Alberta Innovates’ CASBE program will allow the research team to augment the NSERC Alliance project by including an investigation of the explainability of the data-driven model that was not included in the NSERC Alliance project. The CASBE project will (1) develop a framework based on AutoML to improve data-driven model development, will (2) develop a visualization toolkit to understand model features, and (3) develop a software package, XGeoML, or Explainable Geothermal ML. 
  • Energy Harvesting Processes (proposal in submission with NSERC and Mitacs) with multiple partners