Larches in the Rocky Mountains

GeoS | Research Highlights

Research conducted in GeoS, the Energi Simulation Centre for Geothermal Systems Research, is highlighted here.  Click on infographics for more detailed information.

Geothermal has a low carbon footprint, low emissions, and the potential to be a significant player in the energy transition. This centre will be home to a multidisciplinary collaboration to make UCalgary a key player in geothermal research and development for the foreseeable future.

Roman Shor

Director and Energi Simulation Industrial Research Chair in Geothermal Systems

An infographic describing utilizing an Eavor-Loop for green hydrogen production

Annika Naylor explored the feasibility of utilizing an Eavor-Loop to provide the electricity to generate green Hydrogen in remote areas. She presented her work as a poster at the 2023 Geothermal Rising Conference in Reno, Nevada.

Presented at the ASME #OMAE2023 Conference, Graydon Hands and Yvan Louis Unico explore the design for a system that can store energy (via buoyancy) and separate CO2 utilizing ocean pressure.

EGC Poster Highlights

Presented at the European Geothermal Congress: (1) development of a comprehensive drillstring model suitable for real-time estimation and (2) feasibility of using existing rig technologies to drill wells in hot reservoirs.

Geothermal cooling for a data centre at the University of Calgary

Two students from Durham University, Edmund Chappel and Sophie Chapman, funded by Mitacs Globalink, looked at a conceptual design for geothermal based cooling for a data centre for the University of Calgary.

Infographic describing the effect of thermal conductivity and subsurface fluid flows on geo-exchange systems.

Isabella Castañeda Arias worked to quantify subsurface thermal conductivity and groundwater flow direction as a first step in understanding the techno-economic feasibility of geo-exchange in the Bow Valley in a project with the Biosphere Institute.

Eavor-Loop for the University of Calgary

Nick Barry-Hallee proposed replacing the current natural gas-fired combined heat and power plant on the university campus with a deep Eavor-loop at the 2022 Geothermal Rising Conference.

Technoeconomic mapping of geothermal potential in Alberta

Gordon Brasnett combined geology, thermal gradients, costs to drill and potential revenues into an interactive map to screen initial geothermal projects in Alberta at the 2022 Geothermal Rising Conference.