Postdocs and Research Associates

Dr. Mehrnaz Mireslami is a postdoc fellow at the University of British Columbia. She was a postdoc fellow at the University of Calgary (2020-2021) that developed computer vision and deep learning-based algorithms to automate accurate sample detection for use in digital health with a focus on SARS-CoV-2 detection.

Dr. Alireza Bahramian is a Lecturer at McGill University and CEO of OfBrains. He was a visiting professor with a project focusing on the early diagnosis of Parkinson's diseases using biosensors. 

Dr. Hossein Jiryaei Sharahi: is hired in Stantec Inc. in Calgary as a senior scientist. He was a postdoctoral scholar with a research interest in the characterization of physical properties of biological materials using scanning probe microscopy.

Dr. Mehdi Mohammadi Ashani: is a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Calgary with Dr. Ian Lewis. He completed his postdoc in our lab on microfluidic-based isolation and detection of bacteria for rapid detection of bloodstream infection and antibiotic susceptibility testing. 

Dr. Mohammad Zarifi: Appointed as an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. His research has led to deeper insight into the understanding of Microwave technology. This has helped in developing the newer application of microwave in Oil & gas, and Biomedical Engineering. 

Dr. Hamid Sadabadi: CEO of Wireless Fluidics Inc. for developing microwave-microfluidic technologies for biomedical and Energy applications.

Dr. Ehsan Ebrahimnia-Bajestan: joined the Energy and Fuel Cell group at the U of Calgary. He contributed to modeling of nanomaterials. 

Dr. Gurkan Yesiloz: appointed as an assistant professor in Turkey. He contributed to developing microwave biosensors. 

Dr. Kar Wey Yong (Ronald): continues his postdoc training at the University of Alberta. He contributed to developing organ on chip models and engineering of aneurysm tissues. 

Dr. Arindam Phani: Continuing his postdoc training at the University of Calgary. He contributed to studying single cell interaction with dubstrates using AFM. 

Dr. Maysam Pedram: Continuing his postdoc training at UBC. He contributed to developing centrifugal microfluidic devices and biosensors.  

Graduate Students

Sultan Khetani (Ph.D.): Development of organ on chip models and diagnostic biosensors for rapid diagnosis of brain injuries and concussion.

Milad Azarmanesh (Ph.D.): Developing high-throughput droplet microfluidic platforms for biomedical and energy applications

Mohsen Janmaleki (Ph.D.): Development of biomaterials for modeling 3D human tissues (aneurysm model, brain tissues) 

Asmaa Khater (Ph.D.): Development of thermal microfluidics for sensing applications 

Razeah Salahandish (Ph.D.): Developing nano-biosensors for cancer detection. She is now CoFounder of Criticare Dx. 

Farideh Haghighi (Ph.D.): Developing chromatography methods for biosensing 

Yaqi Zhang (Ph.D.): Developing micromoldes to model multiphase flow systems in subsurfaces

Aref Moad (Ph.D.): Engineering of cellulose nanocrystal gels for biomedical and energy applications

Seyed Morteza Seyedpour (Visiting Ph.D.): Contaminant transport in soil: A comparison of the Theory of Porous Media approach with the microfluidic visualisation

Pouria Golasteh (Visiting Ph.D.): Developing business plan and risk assessment strategies for point-of-care devices

Seyede Javaheri Shalmani (Visiting Ph.D.): Developing risk assessment strategies for cancer diagnostic kits

Fatemeh Haghayegh (MSc): Developing immuno-biosensors on chip for rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid patients)

Rakesh Narang (MSc): Developing microfluidic and microwave integrated system for biosensing applications

Parisa Bazazi (MSc): Development of microfluidic micromodels for enhanced oil recovery

Shirin Soleimani (MSc): Reconstruct tumor microenvironment on a chip to predict the response of cancer to drug panels.

Armin Geraili (Visiting MS.c): Developing microtablets for profile release of drugs

Maryam Mapar (Visiting MS.c): Developing microfluidic chips for bacteria isolation

Aida Javadian Sarraf (Visiting MS.c): Developing microfluidic chips for bacteria isolation and detection

Fatemeh Yazdanpanah (Visiting MS.c): Developing microfluidic chips for bacteria isolation and detection

Hamed Heidarifar (Visiting MS.c): Synthesis of nanoparticles using microfluidics

Undergraduate Students

Shehzaad Brar. Monitoring of sweat in human subjects using new wearable biosensors

Emmi Munro. Developing capillary microfluidic chips for sweat detection 

Ruba Rashid. Developing MicroSweat wearable for reliable collection of sweat from human skin.

Michelle Nguyen. Biomaterial designs for coculturing of cells

Angel Nong. Using bioinspired techniques to solve biomedical problems.

Eduardo Miramontes Beas. Studying the impact of mechanical gradient on axonal growth

Jun Liu. Utilizing both the physical parameters of the bioprinter and the chemical compositions of the hydrogel to optimize the printability of a 3D bioprinter.

Saad Luckman. Electrochemical sensing of CD9 cancer biomarker

Yasaman Samanian. Modeling lung infection on-chip for studying diseases associated with lungs. (Present position: Ohio State University)

Ganga Poudel: Design wireless communication circuit in the bladder cancer-specific exosomes detection device

Sharmin Rahman: Data visualization on virtual reality platforms to assist with cancer research

Armaan Mohar: Android applications using Basic4Android

Aida Javadian Saraf: Developing biosensors for food pathogen detection

Katrin Smith. Developing uDrop portable detection device for electrochemical biosensors

Savitri Butterwort. Developing uDrop portable detection device for electrochemical biosensors

Ken Loughery. Developing uDrop portable detection device for electrochemical biosensors

Brendon Besler. Developing uDrop portable detection device for electrochemical biosensors

Thomas Lijnse. Developing uDrop portable detection device for electrochemical biosensors

Developed a portable detection device for electrochemical biosensors.

Omokhowa Agbojo: Identifying optimum operational conditions for the electrochemical biosensors

Mathew Milne: Studying mechanical property of collagen in a microfluidic chip.

Kevin Guan: Functionalization of microfluidic chips using catecholamine.

Emily Kuervers: Testing mechanical properties of biological materials using atomic force microscopy.

Erin Eastick: Developed catecholamine films for biosensing and anti-bacterial applications. 

Varun Kundra: Developed an electrochemical biosensor for the point of care detection of injury.

James Reeves: Studied mechanical loading and chemical gradients on a lung-on-chip model. 

Braden Hommy: Development of a microfluidic platform to study the axonal branching of motor neurons.

Andrei Actavian Susa: Response of cells to chemical gradients.

Caitlin Avalon Connelly: Development of microfilters for isolation of cancer cells.

Kenny Yang: Fabrication of a microfluidic-nanofluidic network for studying the physics of molecule transport.

Jomar Sangalang: Biomechanics of colorectal cancer cells in a tumor microenvironment.

Raied Aburashed: Development of an integrated microfluidic device for early detection of Aβ-peptide.

Fatemeh Yazdanpanah: Developing microfluidic devices for bacteria detection and antibiotic susceptibility testing. (Present Position: Stratuscent company in Montreal)

Mahdi Moezzi: Developing microfluidic devices for tissue engineering

Sobhan Panjavi: Developing flexible hydrogel tubes for engineering of vascular tissues

Elvira Nurmambetova: Engineering of vascular tissues

Nameerah Wajahat: Engineering of biomaterials for reliable bioprinting