Open Position


Postdoctoral fellows with excellent skills in microfluidics, microelectronics, instrumentation, bioinformatics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are welcome to contact Dr. Sanati-Nezhad to inquire about other possibilities and also to apply for postdoc fellowships.

PhD/MSc students

We have one open position for January  2022 for Ph.D. positions on the research areas of biosensing, cell biology, tissue engineering or microfluidics.

We have one open position for January 2022 for a student with a background in neuroscience, neuro-engineering or biomaterial,  with experience in neural cell culture for the development of microfluidic chips for studying single neurons in a high-throughput platform. The platform has application in the modeling of neurodegenerative diseases on-chip. 

The Sanati-Nezhad's lab is also looking for MSc or Ph.D. students with a background in Biomedical Engineering or Biological Science for the development of organ on-chip projects. Experience in microfluidics, cell biology, microscopy, tissue engineering and biomaterial is an asset. Candidates should send their CV to Dr. Sanati at Find more information here. Information about funding opportunities can be found here


Internships at all levels are possible in the Sanati's lab. Please contact Dr. Sanati-Nezhad to inquire about details. Information about funding opportunities can be found hereMitacs.

Undergraduate students are welcome to have their BMEN 500/501 or capstone biomedical engineering research thesis or their biomedical engineering research project in Dr. Sanati's lab. 

The projects available in Dr. Sanati's lab including:

 Biomicrofluidics, Lab-on chip, Biosensing, Microfluidics - microelectronics, Single cell analysis, High-throughput cellular analysis, Droplet microfluidics, Digital microfluidics, Tissue engineering, Organ-on-Chip and physiological models, Surface chemistry, Microcontact printing, Rare cells and sperm cells isolation, Biology of plant cells, Electrochemotaxis or neural and immune cells, Nanofiber and nanoparticle synthesis, Targeted drug delivery, Point-of-Care microdevices, and Pathogen detection. We do also have projects related to enhanced oil recovery, polymer design, and biomass.