Ways of Being

Campus identity, inclusivity, leadership and engagement

Transforming Ways of Being will include intentional inclusion and representation of Indigenous peoples, perspectives and cultural practices on campus.


  1. Increase intercultural capacity, competency and knowledge at the University of Calgary with respect to Indigenous peoples’ histories, cultures and Ways of Knowing.
  • Develop campus-wide intercultural capacity through integrated professional development for members of the Board of Governors, Senate, senior university leaders, faculty and staff.
  • Develop campus-wide intercultural capacity for students through integrated curricula that weaves Indigenous histories, epistemologies, philosophies and methodologies into all credit programs.
  • Create experiential opportunities for all members of the University of Calgary to learn about Indigenous histories, epistemologies, philosophies and methodologies.
  • Conduct a review of all programs relating to Indigenous peoples, communities, histories and contemporary realities, to ensure that program content and pedagogies do not perpetuate stereotypes and are respectful and inclusive of Indigenous perspectives.
  1. Develop and implement a wise-practice employment recruitment strategy to attract and retain Indigenous people in MaPS and AUPE union positions in all faculties and units, and academic staff positions in all faculties through incentives, reviews and the development of a welcome and respectful workplace environment.
  • Ensure representation of Indigenous peoples in the governing structures of the university.
  • Increase representation of Indigenous academic staff, with tenure, in all faculties. This will require concomitant creation of supportive pathways to tenure-track positions for Indigenous scholars and amendments to tenure criteria that recognize Indigenous ways of knowing and being, including obligation to community and recognition of research methodologies.
  • Review and enhance recruitment, support and mentoring activities for Indigenous learners so that they feel a sense of belonging and experience success at the University of Calgary.
  1. Create a Traditional Knowledge Keepers’ Advisory Circle that brings Indigenous spiritual and cultural leaders together with senior university leadership in an ethical space that allows for ongoing dialogue about decolonization and Indigenization at the University of Calgary.
  2. Create an Indigenous Student Advisory Circle to provide advice, input and insight into improving the overall student experience at the University of Calgary.