Sangwook (Micky) Ahn

PhD Student, Dr. Jocelyn Poissant; Dept. of Ecosystem and Public Health

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, at the University of Calgary

HPI Trainee Operations Committee Member

Host-Parasite Interactions

BSc - Ecology

University of Calgary, 2016

MSc - Ecology

University of Lethbridge, 2019

Contact information


Micky is a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Jocelyn Poissant in the Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the
University of Calgary.


Micky was previously a Master’s student working under the supervision of Dr. Goater at the University of Lethbridge, Faculty of Arts and Science, Department of Biological Sciences. He began his MSc program in June 2017. He received his Bachelors of Ecology (Honours) from University of Calgary.


Micky is currently working on a project entitled:  “Effects of host community structure on parasite transmission and disease risk.” Micky is funded by NSERC CREATE HPI.