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Outreach Offerings

HPI is a team of researchers and graduate students dedicated to solving emerging problems associated with parasitic disease here in Canada and abroad.

Parasite samples during HPI community engagement event.


Parasites: The most diverse organisms on Earth

Parasites are easy to forget in places like Canada where they may not directly influence our day-to-day lives.

But parasites are everywhere and are amongst the most important causes of:

  • Human and animal/wildlife disease
  • Economic loss in agricultural production
  • Environmental instability
HPI community engagement event.

Science Outreach

One of the main goals of HPI is to engage in science outreach about parasites through collaborating with K-12 schools to educate students and participating in community events to engage the public.

HPI community engagement event.

Educating Our Communities

Parasites, whether they be in humans, animals, plants or other vectors, are an integral part of human society and the animal world. By educating our communities about parasites, HPI hopes to encourage the value of researching parasites!

HPI community engagement event.

School Visits

HPI students and researchers have presented at many classrooms between grades K-12 to teach about parasite research. Over the years, hundreds of students have had the opportunity to learn about parasites by experts in the field.

HPI community engagement event.

Inspire the future

Our intent is not only to provide education but to inspire a new generation of researchers, not only in the field of parasitology but science in general.  

We aim to create an inclusive environment where students of any background can be motivated to pursue the sciences in post-secondary education and beyond.