Elena Fekete

PhD Student Dr. Andre Buret, Dept. Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science

Host-Parasite Interactions

BSc - Cellular, Microbial, Molecular Biology

University of Calgary

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Elena joined the HPI group as a master’s student in May 2017. She is working under the supervision of Dr. Andre Buret in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary. Elena received her Bachelor of Science in Cellular, Microbial, Molecular Biology from the University of Calgary.

Elena’s current project is entitled: “The Role of Protease-Activated Receptor 2 in Giardia duodenalis Mediated Disruption of the Intestinal Mucus Barrier.” The goals of the project are to determine if Giardia duodenalis can activate the PAR2 receptor, and whether this activation may contribute to altered mucus production and secretion within the GI tract.


Amat, C.B., Motta, J.P., Fekete, E., Moreau, F., Chadee, K., Buret, A.G. 2017. Cysteine Protease-Dependent Mucous Disruptions and Differential Mucin Gene Expression in Giardia duodenalis Infection. Am J Pathol. 187(11): 2486-2498.


Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in 2018

Canadian Association for Gastroenterology Student Research Prize in 2017

NSERC CREATE HPI Scholarship in 2017.