Rotary evaporator (IKA)

  • Universal (water/oil) heating bath
  • Equipped with glass condenser with heat transfer area as high as 1500 cm²
  • Motorized lift with “safety-stop” function
  • Optimized heating bath volume for fast heat-up
  • Dry-run protection
  • Adjustable lower-end stop
  • Equipped with an oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump with air sucking rate of 24 L/min and ultimate vacuum of 2 mbar
Muffle furnace

Muffle furnaces

  • Two furnaces equipped with 3 segment temperature controller (Max. temp. at 1100 oC) and capacity of 550 cubic inches
Vaccum Oven

Vacuum oven with pump and flowmeter

  • Vacuum oven with a capacity of 25 L and maximal temperature of 250 C
  • 28 segments programmable
  • A precise flow meter installed which ranges from 200 ~ 2000 ml/min
  • 120 L/min dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump included with oil trap and exhaust filter to get vacuum lower than 0.4 militorr
Drying Oven

Drying oven

  • One Symphony drying oven manufactured by VWR with a capacity of 3.75 cubic feet


  • One double door refrigerator manufactured by VWR with a capacity of 16 cubic feet 
  • One flammable storage freezer manufactured by VWR with a capacity of 20 cubic feet and minimal temperature of -25 oC

Hydrothermal autoclaves (Parr)

  • Three autoclaves with a capacity of 45 mL and maximum temperature and pressure rating of 250 oC and 1800 psig

Weighing gears

  • One American weigh scale with a capacity of 10 kg and accuracy of 0.1 g 

Weighing gears

  • One Ohaus digital balance with maximal capacity of 260 g and accuracy of 0.1 mg


  • VWR Clinical 200 centrifuge with a maximal liquid capacity of 6 x 50 mL and rotation rate of 6000 rpm
Hot Plate

Hot plate

  • Corning digital stirring hot plate features closed-loop heating and stirring controls that monitor and regulate both temperature and stirring speed
Multichannel peristaltic pump

Multichannel peristaltic pump (Thermo Scientific: FH 100 M)

  • Flow rate range: 0.006 to 60 mL/min
  • Speed range: 2 - 200 rpm
  • Number of Channels: 4
  • Mode of operation: flow, timed flow and programmable cycle dispensing
  • Featuring remote control of speed, pumping direction, and start/stop/purge

Catalyst Extruder

  • Continuously extrude catalyst from powder into rod or sphere
  • Produce catalyst with different diameter
  • Temperature control