Learn about ways you can get involved and use your voice to influence post-secondary issues that are important to you.

Advocacy Resources

UCalgary works with government on a wide range of matters related to post-secondary education, research, and innovation.

Learn more about key issues impacting the university and UCalgary’s current advocacy priorities.

Tip Sheets

The following resources can help you to be an effective advocate on post-secondary education, research, and innovation issues that matter to you.


Advocacy 101

Learn more about what advocacy is, why it's important, and the five simple yet effective actions you can take as an advocate.

Effective Letter

How to write an effective letter

Letters are a great way to express your opinion on a specific issue to an elected official. Our tip sheet will help you write an effective advocacy letter about the issues that matter to you!

Arrange a meeting

How to arrange a meeting

Meetings, including video calls using online tools, can be an effective way to connect directly with an elected official to ensure that they have heard your concerns. Our tip sheet will help you arrange meetings with elected officials.

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Stay Informed

Learn more about UCalgary initiatives and our impact in the community.

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UCalgary and Government News

Get the latest news about what's happening at UCalgary and all levels of government.

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Contact Elected Officials

Write an email or set up a meeting to talk about post-secondary education issues that matter to you.

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