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Government Relations

The Government Relations team manages the university's overall relationships with the three levels of government. The office is the primary liaison between the university and elected representatives and government officials.

Government Relations advances and serves the university community by developing, managing and maintaining relationships and coordinating activities between the federal, provincial and municipal governments and the university to further the university's goals and priorities. Government Relations highlights the achievements and needs of the university and enhances the profile of the university with the government. 

The Government Relations Office also works to ensure that the university is in compliance with federal and provincial lobbying and accountability legislation.

The Government Relations Office is an administrative unit within the Office of the President.

Please reach out with any questions or comments.

John Alho
Associate Vice-President
Government Relations

University of Calgary main campus

Government Relations serves as a resource to senior administration and the university community by:

  • Encouraging contact between members of the university community and the government
  • Ensuring communications between members of the university community and the government are reported in compliance with relevant legislation
  • Providing strategic plans and advice for interaction with government
  • Developing and maintaining a positive working relationship and network of contacts in government and the university
  • Communicating and interacting with government on university activities, achievements, needs, concerns and proposals
  • Identifying and staying informed of government opportunities and communicating these to the university community
  • Supporting institutional groups in identifying and pursuing government funding opportunities
  • Ensuring the university community is aware of new policy, development of programs, announcements and legislation of the government that directly affects the university or is of interest to the university
  • Developing and maintaining relationship with GR professionals in other post-secondary institutions
  • Supporting government officials in their interactions with the university community

Protocol for inviting government officials

Government Relations can support you in inviting government officials to your campus event.

Government officials often require significant advance notice of events to be able to consider them for their calendars. You should also understand and consider the compliance requirements related to lobbying and accountability legislation prior to making invitations.

Please contact us so that we can support you in any visit of an elected official or government dignitary to campus.

Partisan Political Activities Policy

UCalgary recognizes the right of students, employees, academic staff members and post-doctoral scholars to participate as individuals in the political process, provided they do not use university resources to do so, and subject to the restrictions laid out in the Partisan Political Activities Policy. Members of the university community must be rigorous in not using university resources for partisan political purposes.


Monthly Federal Communication Report - Lobbying Report

To ensure compliance with the Federal Lobbying Act, all communications with the federal government must be reported. The report must be submitted by the tenth of every month for the previous month.

Please contact us to share information about communications with federal officials.

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Contact us

John Alho

Associate Vice-President
Government Relations
P: 403.220.5634

Amber Berg

Executive Assistant 
Government Relations
P: 403.220.7915

Candice Laws

Government Relations
P: 403.220.8567

Barb Wright

Associate Director
Government Relations
P: 403.220.6497

Jennifer Burgess

Government Relations Specialist (Municipal Affairs)
Government Relations
P: 403.220.3499

Marcus Plottel

Government Relations Specialist (Provincial Affairs)
Government Relations
P: 403.210.6134


Taylor Brown

Senior Policy Analyst
Government Relations
P: 403.220.5397