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Food as Entertainment

Dr. Charlene Elliott discusses "Food as Entertainment"

Transdisciplinary Research in Action

The Raising Our Healthy Kids videos are the vision of Shadow Light Productions and Kay Watson-Jarvis. The video content was developed by a multi-stakeholder group including Dietitians of Canada, Alberta Health Services and Canada Research Chair in Food Marketing, Policy & Children's Health, Dr. Charlene Elliott, with input from physicians and community stakeholders across Canada. The content of the videos is consistent with messages from Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, Alberta Health Services, and nutrition messages are consistent with PEN: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition®.

The videos were produced by Shadow Light Productions with principal funding from the Calgary Health Trust. Financial support for French translations provided by EatRight Ontario. Funding for the research that informed the evidence-based content for the Media Literacy and Food Marketing videos was provided by CIHR, AIHS and ALMA.


There are four videos in the series:

 "Whats on the Outside Might not be on the Inside"

"Calories on Packaged Foods"

"Colours and Packaged Foods"

"Kids Food vs. Adult Food"