Courageous Conversations: January 20

Decolonizing Disciplines and Structures of Inequality


About the speakers

Dr. Gurminder K Bhambra is a Professor of Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies at the University of Sussex. She is a Fellow of the British Academy and President of the British Sociological Association (2022-25).

She is the author of Colonialism and Modern Social Theory (2021) with John Holmwood, Connected Sociologies (2014), and the award-winning Rethinking Modernity: Postcolonialism and the Sociological Imagination (2007). She is also co-editor of Decolonising the University (2018) and runs the Global Social Theory site, is editor of Discover Society, and directs the Connected Sociologies Curriculum Project.



Dr. Yolande Bouka is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University. She is an interdisciplinary scholar and practitioner whose research and teaching focus on gender, violence, decoloniality, race and international relations, and African affairs.

The key questions driving her multidisciplinary research agenda are how vulnerable groups understand and navigate structural and political violence and how these experiences influence the post-conflict social and political landscapes.

Her research has received support from the Fulbright Scholar Program, the American Association of University Women, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 




Oki nistowaok Sipiyanatohkomia”ki.

Elder Colleen Sitting Eagle is the Siksika Language Instructor at Siksika Outreach School located in Siksika Nation since 2009. 

Previously, Colleen worked as a researcher with Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park. She has worked with Siksika culture and heritage since 1992. Colleen learned her Siksika history from her late parents and the honour of working with knowledgeable elders. 

She was one of the first groups from Siksika to be integrated to start her schooling in Strathmore, AB. She previously attended and continues to take courses from the University of Calgary. She is the proud mother of three children and eight grandchildren.

Dr. Gurminder K Bhambra
Dr. Yolande Bouka
Elder Colleen Sitting Eagle

Additional readings and accessible materials from January's presentation

Dr. Gurminder K. Bhambra

Dr. Yolande Bouka