An increasing number of tutoring companies are operating online or on campus – all vying for the dollars in your pocket with the promise of enhanced GPAs and passing exams. This is known as ‘Pay-to-Pass.’ While you can choose what to spend your money on, here are some things to be aware of:

Don’t be pressured into putting yourself at risk

Some opportunities may seem too good to be true, and some appear to be offered by the University of Calgary when they are not. Don’t be misled; you could be breaking university rules. This includes:

  • providing class materials to third party companies;
  • booking study space in your name on behalf of a company for commercial use (such as conducting job interviews or seminars);
  • providing the email addresses of students in your class to a third party so they can advertise to them; and
  • paying for an assignment to be written by someone else.

All these examples are violations of university policy, and you could face serious consequences up to and including suspension and expulsion. Don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk.

Don’t pay for something you already have access to

Some of these companies have been emailing students and offering course materials, such as instructors’ lecture notes or slides, for a price. However, many of these materials are already freely available to you through your D2L account.

Know what resources are available to you

As a UCalgary student, you have free access to a variety of academic support services through the Student Success Centre. A few of these include:

You can see all the help available at the Student Success Centre on their website, and the friendly staff there are always happy to answer any question you have about academic support. All services offered by the University of Calgary will have UCalgary email addresses associated with them. In addition, make full use of instructor office hours and ask your professors and teaching assistants for advice and help; that’s what they are there for.