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The 2021 winner of the Award for Research Excellence in Materials Chemistry is Dr. Venkataraman Thangadurai of the University of Calgary

Chemical Institute of Canada

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Venkataraman Thangadurai is sole Canadian inducted into 2020 Class of Fellows by The Electrochemical Society

UCalgary UToday

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Celebrating the 2020 class of Fellows of the Electrochemical Society

The Electrochemical Society

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2020 Parex Resources Innovation Fellows unveiled

UCalgary Utoday

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Peak Scholars in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Knowledge Engagement 2019

UCalgary Research

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Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM)

International Association of Advanced Materials

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Research Interests

The Thangadurai group works in the area of advanced  all-solid-state batteries, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), microbial fuel cells and gas sensors. Some of the current research projects include:

  • CO2 and humidity stable solid-state ceramic proton conductors, fast oxide ion electrolytes and mixed ionic-electronic conductors (MIECs) for advanced solid oxide fuel cells
  • Understand the structure-chemical-composition-ionic conductivity property of  inorganic structures to develop solid electrolytes for next generation all-solid-state batteries 
  • Novel ceramic materials for sensing various gases such as CO2, SOx, NOx, H2 and humidity
  • Auxiliary electrode mediated membrane-free electrochemical redox cell for energy storage
  • Develop new electrodes to utilize in microbial fuel cells for energy efficient sludge treatments
Energy storage and conversion


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Last updated March 24, 2021