Rocky mountains

Jennifer Cuthbertson, Ph.D.

Teaching Professor

Department of Geoscience


About Me

Welcome to my University of Calgary website! 

Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from Carleton University, Ottawa

B.Sc. (Hons) in Geology from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver

My main geological interests include igneous petrology, mineral chemistry, field geology, chemistry of the Earth's mantle, and geology and society. In particular, I am interested in the geochemical differences in magmas that form in varying tectonic settings, and the recycling of crustal materials and sediments into the mantle. 



For my Ph.D. research, I investigated the link between tectonic setting and geochemistry of magmas from central Italy, and for my B.Sc. thesis I studied the dispersal of kimberlite indicator minerals from a locality in the Northwest Territories, Canada. I now teach courses and supervise student theses mainly in the areas of igneous petrology, ore geology, and geochemistry. I also teach introductory and advanced-level field schools. 

My interest in geology and society has grown over the past several years, and I introduced a new course into the Department of Geoscience entitled "Geology and Human Health". I believe that all people need a basic understanding of Earth materials, natural hazards, and how the air, water, soil, and rock on our planet influence aspects of our health and society.