April 3, 2023

New UCalgary Law course bridges the gap between science and law

Law, Science and the Regulatory State focuses on relationship between the two disciplines
Professor Martin Olszynski

A new course in the Faculty of Law aims to encourage knowledge sharing between law students and graduate students in sciences. 

Led by Associate Professor Martin Olszynski, Law, Science and the Regulatory State is meant to ease the tension between law and science when developing policy and legislation. 

“It’s important for both lawyers and scientists to understand the rules of engagement: which level of government is responsible for which environmental issues, or how science is sometimes considered and scrutinized by Canadian courts, and other times not,” explains Olszynski. “My goal is to help bridge the gap and explain what can otherwise get lost in translation between scientists and lawyers.”

Watch the video to learn more about the course and why building a relationship between the two groups is important.  

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