March 17, 2020

Campus cleaning update and disinfecting tips for staff regarding COVID-19

Message to campus community from Linda Dalgetty, vice-president (finance and services)
Winter on campus
Winter on campus Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

The University of Calgary continues to closely monitor the evolving situation around COVID-19 (coronavirus).

As a preventive measure, the university’s cleaning teams will be concentrating efforts on high-touch areas such as door handles, door rails, food courts and restrooms. Because this will require a re-allocation of cleaning teams, certain areas will not be cleaned as frequently as before. These areas are primarily boardrooms and office spaces.

While this measure is in effect, we ask you to empty garbage and recycling into the waste and recycling stations located in office hallways.

Guidelines for cleaning work areas

The University of Calgary has important tips for staff to help disinfect individual workstations and will also be providing work areas with approved disinfectant wipes.

To help prevent the spread of illness, it is recommended that surfaces be cleaned regularly with approved cleaning products provided by the Staff Wellness team.

Register to receive disinfectant wipes to clean your workstation

Disinfectant wipes for cleaning your work area on the main campus are available through Staff Wellness. The total supply of wipes will be tracked and distributed evenly to departments based on the number of personnel.

Departments are advised to select a pickup time through this sign-up link.  

Please enter the name of your department when you sign up for an appointment. Windows of time have been spaced evenly for pickups.

To ensure that enough wipes are available for the workplace, please do not take these wipes home with you. They are meant for the workplace only.

Separate distribution plans will be made for Downtown and Spy Hill Campus.

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is the most important method of preventing transmission of disease. Before using devices at your workstation, clean your hands with soap and water or use an approved hand sanitizer.

What should I clean and disinfect?

  • Hard surfaces including: desk tops, counters, table tops, chair arms, etc.
  • Frequently touched points in the office/cubical/common areas including: door knobs, light switches, thermostats, cubical partitions, water cooler, microwave handles, etc.
  • Information technology equipment including: telephones, computers, keyboards, computer mouse, etc.
  • Prior to disinfecting personal devices such as cellphones and iPads, please confirm wipes are safe for screens.

How often should I disinfect?

Equipment and surfaces will vary in how often they need to be cleaned. As a general rule, these areas should be cleaned at least daily and between users when a space or equipment is shared. See the table below for recommended cleaning and disinfecting frequency for various equipment/surfaces:

How to clean workstation

How to clean workstation

How do I clean and disinfect?

Follow these steps when cleaning and disinfecting a surface:

  • Remove or wipe away any visible soiling
  • Using the approved disinfectant wipe, apply to and rub the surface(s) that you wish to disinfect
  • Ensure that the disinfectant wipe is applied to the entire surface
  • Allow the disinfected surface(s) to air dry for at least one minute following application
  • Discard used wipe in a waste receptacle

Thank you for your support,

Linda Dalgetty
Vice-President (Finance and Services)


UCalgary resources on COVID-19

For the most up-to-date information about the University of Calgary's response to the spread of COVID-19, visit the UCalgary COVID-19 Response website.