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Transformative Talent Internships for Your Graduate Students

Submitted by tloehr on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 2:55pm

Transformative Talent Internships are an opportunity for your graduate students to discover how versatile their graduate degrees are and to demonstrate the skills and value they can bring to organizations and business. 


When your students participate in internships they benefit you and your research group by translating and adding to the collective knowledge, enhancing employment outcomes for your grant applications and developing industry contacts and a community network.

Graduate students also return from their internship experience with new and enhanced skills and increased motivation to complete their degree.

How it works

Your graduate student will find an internship placement. Once the placement is confirmed, they will apply to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for a Transformative Talent Internship scholarship.

Interns will remain registered as graduate students for the duration of their internship. This will be recorded on their transcript as a course.

For full regulations, see the Graduate Calendar.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Consider internship opportunities with your graduate students and encourage them to find a company or organization that will be mutually beneficial to your student’s career goals and the organization’s needs. Transformative Talent Internship applications require supervisor sign-off.

  • Discuss internship suitability with your graduate student
  • Assist your graduate student in developing their learning goals
  • Approve the internship opportunity by signing the application form



The Faculty of Graduate Studies has funding available to provide Transformative Talent Internship scholarships to offset any loss of stipend while graduate student are away from your program.

The internship scholarship subsidy is additional to the financial support students receive from their internship host.

Transformative Talent Scholarships are offered according the number of internship hours.

Hours interning at organization




420 – 479


360 – 419


300 – 359


240 – 299


210 – 239



Graduate students undertaking an internship of 30 hours per week or more are not eligible for scholarship or other non-internship funding from university sources, including supervisor’s research grants, during the period of their internship.

Students currently receiving other scholarship funding should contact the Graduate Scholarship Office at to discuss whether participating in a Transformative Talent Internship will impact current scholarships. 

For more information, download this one-pager (PDF).

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*This project is made possible by the Government of Alberta