Marriott Research Group

NSERC ASRL Industrial Research Chair in Applied Sulfur Chemistry

Marriott Research Group

Our group is an experimental physical chemistry group with research interests in applied high-pressure chemistry and industrial sulfur chemistry. 

Producing natural gas which contains H2S and CO2 presents a variety of issues not encountered with traditional natural gas production. 

Our current projects focus on a variety of issues, such as optimizing gas conditioning (water removal) in the presence of H2S, low-sulfur recovery in high-pressure fluids, water-hydrocarbon mixture chemistry (including hydrates), stability of fracture additives, the apparent souring of shale gas reservoirs and fundamental properties of elemental sulfur under industrial conditions. 

Research is carried out through an Industrial Research Chair program and Discovery Grant research in the Department of the Chemistry.  These programs are sponsored by the Natural Science and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC), ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., Husky Oil Operations Ltd., Shell Canada Ltd., Sulphur Experts, The University of Calgary and Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.(ASRL). Some projects are carried out in collaboration with ASRL researchers at the University Research Centre and in many cases compliment and augment the ASRL Core Research Program, which is supported by over 50 sponsor companies.