Roxana Moaref holds an M.Sc. in polymer engineering from Polytechnique Tehran (Amirkabir) University in Iran, where her master's research focused on superparamagnetic nanoparticles for MRI imaging application. During her masters, her interest in the bio-application of polymers flourished, leading her to further explore this field. Throughout her master's program, she gained skills in nanoparticle synthesis and various polymerization methods.

Following the completion of her master's degree, Roxana ventured into the industry, gaining three years of valuable experience. She served as a QC manager in the HDPE pipeline industry for two years, where she developed profound knowledge in polymer processing and characterizations. Subsequently, she dedicated one year as an R&D expert in dialysis industry, contributing to the manufacturing of PVC dialysis tubes and acquiring expertise in PVC formulation. 

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