Current News

September 2023

Welcome to the Lab!

  • Cailynne Smith, Jamie Kaufhold, and Carter Bird have joined the lab as research assistants.

  • Olivia Nelson has joined the lab as an honours student.

  • Eleni Moumos has joined the lab as an independent studies student.

  • Click here to learn more about the newest members of the lab.



  • Congratulations to our graduate student, Kyle Tuico, who received an Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship (AGES) - Research award!

August 2023

New Publications

Addiction substitution and concurrent recovery in gambling disorder: Who substitutes and why? In this study, people who had experienced gambling disorder were interviewed to learn about their processes of recovery.

  • Authors: Hyoun S. (Andrew) Kim, Daniel S. McGrath, and David C. Hodgins

June 2023


  • Congratulations to our graduate students, Diandra Leslie and Kyle Tuico, who were each awarded a scholarship from the Alberta Gambling Research Institute!

May 2023


  • Congratulations to our graduate student, Kyle Tuico, who was awarded with a Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s SSHRC scholarship!


New Publications

  • Stigma Related Predictors of Help-Seeking for Problem Gambling. This article was published in Addiction Research & Theory and examined how different types of gambling-related stigma and ways of coping with gambling-related stigma relate to help-seeking in a sample of problem gamblers.
    • Authors: R. Diandra Leslie & Daniel S. McGrath

April 2023



February 2023


  • Our graduate student, Diandra Leslie, presented a research poster entitled Gambling Mode, Gambling Motives, and Trait Personality at this year's Peer Beyond Graduate Research Conference. You can view the poster here.

January 2023

New Publications

  • The Reliability of Attentional Biases for Gambling-Related Images in Free-Viewing Eye-Tracking Paradigms. This eye-tracking study was published in Addictive Behaviors and examined the internal consistency of various indices of attentional bias (i.e., total dwell time, total dwell time percent, total fixation count, and time of first fixation) in samples with varying degrees of gambling involvement and problem gambling risk.
    • Authors: Sophie G. Coelho, Christopher R. Sears, Hyoun S. Kim, & Daniel S. McGrath
  • A Comparative Profile of Online, Offline, and Mixed-Mode Problematic Gamblers’ Gambling Involvement, Motives, and HEXACO Personality Traits. This was published in the Journal of Gambling Studies and examined differences in gambling involvement, problem gambling risk, motives and trait personality based on preferred gambling mode. 
    • Authors: R. Diandra Leslie & Daniel S. McGrath
  • Problem Gambling Severity, Gambling Behavior, Substance Use, and Mental Health in Gamblers Who Do and Do Not Use Cannabis: Evidence from a Canadian National Sample. This study was published in Addictive Behaviours and examined the co-occurrence of cannabis use and gambling behaviour in a sample of Canadian gamblers.
    • Authors: Daniel S. McGrath, Robert J. Williams, Brett Rothery, Yale D. Belanger, Darren R. Christensen, Nady El-Guebaly, David C. Hodgins, Fiona Nicoll, Carrie A. Shaw, Garry J. Smith, Rhys M.G. Stevens