Canadian Natural Resources Limited Engineering Complex

Address: 622 Collegiate Pl NW
Building abbreviation: ENA, ENB, ENC, END, ENE, ENF, ENG
Building number: 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 167

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Schulich School of Engineering

What's inside?

Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, main office

Department of Civil Engineering, main office

Department of Geomatics Engineering, main office

Building Construction

Completion Date

Blocks A, B. C, D, and E: August 1968
Block F: 1982
Renovation and expansion: September 2016

Main Contractors

Construction (original): Burns & Dutton
Renovation and expansion: Ellis-Don

Lead Consultants

Architect: Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd (orig.); Diamond Schmitt/Gibbs Gage (expansion)
Structural: Alberta Department of Public Works (orig.); RJC (expansion)
Mechanical: Kostenuke Forest (orig.); SNC-Lavalin (expansion)
Electrical: Wiebe Forest Engineering Ltd. (orig.); SMP (expansion)