Administration Building

Administration Building

Address: 539 Campus Place NW
Building abbreviation: AD
Building number:

The Department of Psychology is one of the most research-intensive psychology departments in the country. The department’s research programs are supported by millions of dollars of external grand funding. In addition to a full offering of academic degrees, there is a post-graduate education program for health professionals.

University of Calgary's Department of Psychology

What's inside?

Executive Suite

Secretariat Office

Chancellor/Senate Office

Legal Services

Department of Psychology

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Protected Disclosure

Administration Building

Building Construction

Completion Date

Original: September 1960
Inner Courtyard: August 1969

Main Contractors

Original: Burns & Dutton
Inner Courtyard: Lockerbie & Hole

Lead Consultants

Architect: Alberta Dept. of Public Works
Structural: Alberta Dept. of Public Works
Mechanical: Alberta Dept. of Public Works
Electrical: Alberta Dept. of Public Works