WayToPark app

Pay from your phone. Easy. Quick. Convenient. The simple way to pay.


Pay for parking on your smartphone immediately on arrival without having to visit the parking station.

Select the amount of time you feel you need, get a reminder before your parking expires, and if you still need more time you have the ability to top-up from wherever you are on campus.

Never pay for more parking than you need, or leave what you’re are doing to add extra timesaving you money, time and effectively eliminates parking violations.

Get the app

Download the app today for free from the App Store, or Google Play.

If you don’t have a smartphone, visit their website to register and follow steps two and three.

Set it up

Create your account.

Enter your licence plate and your credit card (ability to add multiple plates and credit cards).

Use the app

Begin to use the app.

There is a 0.25 surcharge per transaction.