Mission Statement

The objective of Alberta Sulphur Research, Ltd. (ASRL) is to be the premier research organization for conducting and fostering fundamental research in the chemistry and technology of sulfur and its related compounds. ASRL will practice and promote safety and environmental awareness and responsibility in all its research activities, education endeavors and communications.

Vision Statement

It is ASRL's goal to be the most highly regarded and most well run sulfur research organization in the world. To this end, ASRL will communicate regularly with its membership (and potential new members), and will use its reservoir of knowledge to educate others in the chemistry and technology of sulfur and its compounds. Educational workshops will be available to both member and non-member companies and will concentrate on particular areas of sulfur technology to assist in increasing knowledge and awareness of ASRL.

It is envisioned that the principal offices and research facilities of ASRL, which are located at the University Research Centre of the University of Calgary under an agreement with the Board of Governors of that institution, remain as they are. The relationship between ASRL and the University, which is embodied in the agreement, will continue to be critical to ASRL's future.

The direction and selection of the fundamental research program will be determined on an annual basis by representatives of the members of ASRL (the Technical Advisory Committee), in conjunction with the Technical Manager and General Manager. The fundamental research program will be aimed at addressing both the short- and long-term needs of the membership, as well as the educational needs of the University. Funding for the fundamental research program will be provided, as in the past, by the membership through membership and research fees, and from contract research and consulting revenue.

The fundamental research program, which is the basis for and key to ASRL's continued success, will continue to constitute a minimum, over time, of not less than 50% of the total research activity of ASRL. The balance of the research activity is dedicated to contract research for both member and non-member companies, as well as to special research projects which may arise from time to time.

Alberta Sulphur Research, Ltd. (ASRL), a not-for-profit organization, is a creator and disseminator of information.