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Research team discovers breakthrough with potential to prevent, reverse Alzheimer's

Wayne Chen's lab at UCalgary identifies a way to interrupt and prevent progression of devastating condition

UCalgary researchers discover new tactic to stop the growth of a deadly brain cancer

Findings indicate the body may be the ultimate weapon against glioblastoma, but it needs help

Scientists discover breakthrough toward treatment of Fragile X syndrome – the leading genetic cause of autism

UCalgary researchers discover a way to replace a missing protein in the brain affecting hyperactivity

UCalgary researchers discover the microbiome’s role in attacking cancerous tumours

Findings show how our gut bacteria can enhance immunotherapy to battle different forms of cancer

UCalgary researchers publish first study on welfare of bucking horses at Calgary Stampede

Vet med researchers went behind the chutes over 3 years to observe behaviour of horses used in rodeos

Statement on the Sept. 9 and 10 Scholar Strike

Message from UCalgary President Ed McCauley

Scientists take important step toward building practical quantum internet

UCalgary quantum physicists on team developing systems that would revolutionize computing, communication

What The Curse of Oak Island is teaching us about treasures

Lessons from alumnus Ian Spooner on reaching a broader audience

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