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Our mission

To nurture innovation for economically sustainable and environmentally friendly heavy oil and bitumen recovery processes

What we strive for

Solvent-based and solvent-aided recovery processes are complex and not well understood. These processes have the potential to improve the economics of steam-based processes such as SAGD. The application of solvents provides a unique opportunity to reduce the energy intensity, water usage and treatment, and CO2 emissions of current practices. While solvent-based processes have the potential to target oil sands formations that are less viable for SAGD operations, there are still challenges to be addressed. The SHARP Research Consortium was established in 2008 to support the ongoing development of bitumen recovery technologies. The consortium has become a world leader in the area of phase behaviour of bitumen and heavy oil with applications to solvent-aided thermal recovery processes. The SHARP consortium is socially and environmentally responsible enabler of solvent technology. The aim of the consortium is to help industry develop economically sustainable heavy oil and bitumen recovery processes that are less energy intensive and more environmentally friendly.

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