Contractor Safety Management Program

The University of Calgary considers health and safety to be a priority and as such is committed to promoting the health, safety, and wellbeing of its employees, students, visitors, and contractors. The University continually strives to meet or exceed best practice standards in health and safety as well as compliance with all applicable occupational health and safety legislation. 

As safety is a shared responsibility, the University requires the full cooperation of all contractors in maintaining and promoting a safe worksite. 

All contractors are required to meet or exceed the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation, and Code, and conduct their activities in accordance with the applicable University policies and programs.

University Health and Safety Programs and Procedures Applicable to Contractors

The University has developed a set of safety programs that are designed to promote compliance with regulations and superior safety performance.  These programs contain standards and processes specific to the University of Calgary that in some cases go beyond legal requirements.  These programs apply to University workers and contractors working on the University’s behalf including prime contractors and non-prime contractors.  The University of Calgary expects that contractors will meet or exceed applicable requirements of these programs.  These programs can be accessed using the links below:


It is your responsibility as a contractor to the University of Calgary to identify programs applicable to your work and determine whether your current work practices meet or exceed program requirements.  If you have a question about applicability or whether a work practice meets a specific University of Calgary program requirement, contact the university representative responsible for oversight of the work to obtain clarification. 

If a contractor proposes to carry out work in a manner that does not meet a University of Calgary program requirement, an explanation for the proposed deviation must be provided in writing to the University of Calgary describing how an equivalent level of safety will be achieved.  Permission for the deviation must be obtained in writing from the University of Calgary.

When a direct contractor to the University of Calgary hires a subcontractor, it is the responsibility the direct contractor to ensure the subcontractor meets the requirements of the University of Calgary safety programs.

Facilities Department - Hazardous Energy Location Work Permit

A permit is required for contractors and University workers to gain access to the utility tunnels and high voltage rooms on campus. This permit is issued by the Electrical Utilities Department. The permit form and associated instructions can be accessed using the links below.

Contractor Safety Management Program

Note: The Contractor Safety Management Program is currently under review.  When the program is re-issued it will be appropriately communicated to contractors. In the interim, contractors must adhere to orientation and incident reporting requirements described below.

Contractor Safety Orientation

All contractor workers who perform work on university-owned or leased facilities must attend the Contractor Orientation offered by the EHS Department. The orientation is designed to inform workers of university policies, procedures, and programs and identify potential hazards. This orientation includes occupational health and safety requirements, emergency response, worksite specific hazards, reporting requirements, notification requirements, security requirements, and personal protective equipment requirements.

Until further notice, in-house Contractor Orientation Sessions have been cancelled.

Instructor: Rick Enns (

Online contractor orientation is temporarily available though ISNetworld. If your company is an ISNetworld subscriber, your company ISN contact representative will have received information on how to access the orientation. If you are not subscribed to ISN or if you are unsure of who your company ISN contact is, please email the Orientation Instructor above for assistance.

Please note that all contractor workers are required to take this orientation prior to arriving on site for work.   

When laboratories are part of the worksite, a laboratory tour should be included as part of the pre-project review due to the site specific nature of laboratory hazards.

Contractor workers must attend an additional orientation if tunnel access is required.

  • Tunnel access orientation is conducted through the Campus Heating and Cooling Plant. Call 403.220.5339 to make arrangements for orientation.

Prime contractors are also required to conduct their own orientation designed to inform workers of their company's policies, procedures, and identify potential hazards.

Incident Reporting

Non–Prime Contractors: The University requires the reporting of all incidents to the contractor representative immediately.  This includes:

  • Injury incidents-first aid, medical aid, lost time.
  • Environmental incidents (e.g. Release of hazardous materials to the environment).
  • Near misses—unplanned events which under slightly different circumstances could cause or have caused an injury).

The Contractor Representative is responsible for the classification of the incident, completing the reporting in the OARS system, and ensuring the investigation is completed.

Prime Contractors:  A prime contractor must immediately report to the Contractor Representative all incidents that are required to be reported to external agencies and provide and provide copies of the associated incident investigations reports.   The University has the right to conduct investigations into contractor safety incidents.  If the prime contractor is required to submit an incident investigation report to Alberta OHS, the University has the right to review the report before submission. The prime contractor must also report immediately any on-site visit by an OHS Officer.

COVID-19 Information for Contractors

To stay informed about The University of Calgary's response to COVID-19 please visit Emergency Managements website here

To respond to our survey about your services to the University of Calgary during the pandemic please use this link: COVID-19 Contractor Survey. We would appreciate all responses by April 2, 2020. 

If you have questions or need more information about working safely at our campuses during these unprecedented times, please contact the Environment, Health & Safety Department via email at or via telephone at 403.220.6345