Ongoing Projects


Title: Incorporating Local and Traditional Knowledge Systems: New Insights for Ecosystem Services and Transdisciplinary Collaborations

PI: Gabriela Alonso Yanez

Collaborator(s): Lily House Peters (California State University- Long Beach-USA), Martin Garcia Cartagena (Massey University-NZ), Alexander Rincon (Universidad Nacional de Colombia), Alvaro Soutullo (Universidad de la Republica-Uruguay), Sebastian Bonelli (The Nature Conservancy-Chile)

Funder: Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research




Title: Rethinking Latin American Studies from the South (RLASS) CIH Working Group

PI: Gabriela Alonso Yanez

Collaborators: Pablo Polizcer, Ben McKay

Funder: Calgary Institute for the Humanities



Title: Food sovereignty and neo-extractivism: limits and possibilities, convergences and contradictions

PI: Ben M. McKay

Collaborator: Gonzalo Colque, Executive Director, Fundación TIERRA

Funder: SSHRC Insight Development Grant