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Have you ever wondered why face masks are such an emotional issue, or why it's important for a university to promote diversity and inclusion, or what "margin of error" in opinion polling actually means? Well, we can answer that. 

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Dr. Yvonne Poitras Pratt, a Métis scholar who specializes in Indigenous education, gives us background on Orange Shirt Day and how this event can help spark broader conversations about Canada's history with Indigenous peoples and the brutal legacy of residential schools. 

Dr. Malinda Smith, UCalgary’s vice-provost of equity, diversity and inclusion, answers questions about systemic racism, the role of higher education, and what each of us can do in our everyday lives to make the world more equitable.

Dr. Cara MacInnis, a social psychologist in our Department of Psychology, answers questions about peoples' attitudes towards wearing masks and why it's such a divisive issue.


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