I enjoy assisting Indigenous people who are engaged in documenting and revitalizing their ancestral languages. I've been privileged to help train community linguists and other Indigenous stakeholders at the University of Calgary as well as at the University of Alberta's Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute (2004–present), at UBC's First Nations and Endangered Languages Program (2010–2018), and at various school boards, including the Tsuut'ina Education Department, the Stoney Nakoda Education Authority, and the Kainai Board Education.

Supporting Indigenous language learners is especially rewarding ― and vital. My Division ensures that one or two INDL courses are offered every academic year, rotating between Blackfoot, Stoney Nakoda, and Plains Cree. We also plan to offer Tsuut'ina (INDL 301.05) and Michif (INDL 301.03). My students in LING 505/605 and LING 531/635 also help to develop resources for Indigenous language learners. I also enjoy helping younger Indigenous students connect with their heritage languages in meaningful ways, including music and theatre.

Some participants of the 2015 Blackfoot Language Rap Camp with Ahstanskiaki Sandra Manfeathers, Issapóíkoan Brent Prairie Chicken, and Darin Flynn