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Statement on letter from concerned UCalgary faculty, staff, and students

May 22, 2024

We have received the letter, and will be reviewing it and replying to the authors. The University of Calgary is a place of free expression where all of our 42,000 students, faculty and staff are free to express themselves. Students, faculty and staff have the right to protest on our campus but, per our policies and procedures, they may not establish an encampment.

Updated statement on protest

May 10, 2024

We are aware that the Calgary Police Service responded to our request regarding individuals gathered on campus today. They were informed multiple times this morning and evening of our policy not to permit temporary structures. Members of the campus community are free to protest, but they are not free to camp.

Statement on tents on campus

May 9, 2024

We are aware that a small number of tents have been set up on campus. We are engaging with the individuals involved however, temporary structures and overnight protests are not permitted. Members of the campus community are free to protest but they are not free to camp.

Statement on the announcement of Bill 18

April 10, 2024

In the coming days, the University of Calgary will be discussing Bill 18 with the Alberta government to better understand their intended implementation.

The Government of Canada provided $190 million in research funding in 2023 – 35% of total research revenue for the University of Calgary. Bringing this funding to Alberta generates economic activity, creates jobs and helps to provide our community access to world-class facilities and services.

Statement on IRCC international student cap

April 9, 2024

IRCC’s announcement is consistent with previous guidance. We will continue to work closely with the provincial and federal governments on the specifics of implementation. 

Currently, 12.8 % of University of Calgary’s approximately 30,000 undergraduate students are international. 

The University of Calgary welcomes international students as an integral part of our community. We are committed to supporting international students and ensuring they have a world-class learning experience. 

Statement on the 2024-2025 UCalgary budget

March 26, 2024

The University of Calgary is fully committed to providing a rich teaching, learning and research environment and to ensuring our students have a rewarding university experience. Revenue from student tuition and fees represents approximately 23.8 percent of our total revenue projection for the 2024-25 consolidated budget. The province has capped domestic tuition increases at 2% annually in 2024-25. We continue to leverage additional funding opportunities through partnerships and innovation to provide an excellent student experience at UCalgary. Recent support in Budget 2024 provided new capital funding (Multi-disciplinary Science Hub and Veterinary Learning Commons), as well as new funding for a rural physician training program, which will help bolster student learning in these vital areas.

Statement on tuition and fees for 2024-2025 academic year

December 8, 2023

After consultation across campus and a vote of the Board of Governors, UCalgary has set its tuition and fees for the upcoming year. The fees will take effect in May.

“We appreciate the constructive dialogue and feedback from students and student groups during our consultation process, and thank all who took time to participate,” says Provost Penny Werthner. “This feedback led to adjustments of the original tuition and fee proposals, which are set to meet budget and inflation challenges at our growing university.”

UCalgary Board of Governors Chair Mark Herman says the tuition and fees were approved after careful consideration by the board.

“The board’s decision on tuition and fees came after thoughtful discussion and consideration of all factors impacting students, including inflation and cost increases,” says Herman. “By keeping UCalgary tuition increases for the coming year well below the rate of inflation, the University of Calgary maintains rates in line or below those of other post-secondary institutions across the country.”

Student feedback leads to adjustments

In direct response to student feedback, the increase for international undergraduate and course-based graduate tuition was reduced from 10 per cent to six per cent, and the Affordability and International Student Advisory Group was created. Werthner says the university committed to meaningful consultation with students, and these changes are the direct result.

“We are very aware students are personally impacted by rising costs and we are committed to listening to feedback on areas where we should focus our resources, as we work to continue to offer high-quality programs and education while maintaining the accessibility of a University of Calgary education,” she says.

Tuition and fee increases

New tuition and fee rates will take effect starting on May 1, 2024. A full listing of rates by program will be published in the Tuition and General Fees section of the 2024-2025 university academic calendar in March. Some examples include:

Tuition for domestic students:
+2.0 per cent: Undergraduate programs
+2.0 per cent: Thesis-based programs (thesis-based MSc, MA, PhD, and professional doctorates)
+2.0 per cent: Most master’s course-based, diploma and certificate programs

Tuition for international students:
+6.0 per cent: Undergraduate programs
+2.0 per cent: Thesis-based programs (thesis-based MSc, MA, PhD, and professional doctorates)
+6.0 per cent: Most master’s course-based, diploma and certificate programs

Note: Some student groups will experience a lower increase as per their previously communicated guaranteed tuition rates.

General fees: 
A 2.0 per cent increase to the Student Services, Campus Recreation and Athletics fees has been approved. Student parking permit rates on campus will be increasing by 2.5 to 6.5 per cent. Staff permit rates are increasing by two per cent.

Statement on antisemitic graffiti in washrooms

November 7, 2023 

The University of Calgary has been made aware of these deeply disturbing comments, which we strongly condemn, and have located and removed them. We are actively investigating and will hold anyone found responsible accountable. Police have also been advised. Hate has no place in our campus community.

Statement on incident in residence

October 6, 2023 

The University of Calgary strongly condemns the actions depicted in this video. There is nothing funny about Adolf Hitler or the atrocities committed by the Nazis – atrocities which include the holocaust. This incident was reported to the Student Conduct Office which is now investigating.

We are committed to a campus community in which all who work, study and live on campus can flourish in an environment free of hatred, harassment, bullying and discrimination. UCalgary is reaching out to those who may be affected by this video. Student and staff wellness counselling services are available to anyone affected.