Feb. 20, 2020

Recognize outstanding collaborators and communicators on your team

Collaboration and Communication is one of 3 U Make a Difference award categories — nominations are open until April 7
Submit U Make a Difference award nominations before March 21 Riley Brandt

Celebrate the people in your workplace who excel at cultivating productive, open, and collaborative relationships with others — nominate them for a U Make a Difference award for Collaboration and Communication.

Mike Van Hee, associate vice-president, Human Resources, says employees who engage in the two-way exchange of experiences and ideas play a formative role in strengthening a workplace culture.

“People who approach their professional relationships from a place of collaboration, openness and respect are key to a positive work culture,” says Van Hee. “They lead by example and encourage their colleagues to work together and learn from each other’s successes and mistakes.”

The U Make a Difference awards celebrate community members and their contributions across three categories:

  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Innovation and Curiosity
  • Positive Work Environment and Community

Celebrating past recipients in the Collaboration and Communication category

This week’s highlight is the Collaboration and Communication category. To inspire your 2020 nominations, we are celebrating past winners in the category.

Dr. Tara Christie, PhD — 2019 recipient
My GradSkills program manager in the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Driven by the desire to unify the campus community while improving the graduate student experience, Christie is well known for her passion, support, engagement, and ambition.

Christie’s approachable, objective, and open-minded leadership style coupled with her focus on personal development and networking have made a difference to both her team and graduate students at the University of Calgary.

Simon Dyck — 2019 recipient
ERP application architect, ERP Systems and Services in Information Technologies

Intentionally collaborative and always looking for opportunities to improve, Dyck ensures that all voices are heard and perspectives considered.

He is dedicated to driving improvements to technology, implementing best practices, and business enhancements. Dyck is the communication hub between his teams — he takes complicated topics and distills them so everyone can see and understand the whole picture.

Dr. Ellen Perrault, PhD — 2019 recipient
Teaching professor in the Faculty of Social Work

There are few academic leaders who authentically embody the philosophy of engagement, transparent communication, relationship building, and collaboration as Ellen does. Her collaborative leadership approach is apparent in all she does.

Ellen empowers her team to succeed in their work and helps the larger university community meet its goals. Ellen models respect, professionalism, and leadership through her everyday actions on campus.

Check these top tips for a successful nomination package

Deciding who to nominate for a U Make a Difference award is easy — putting together a winning nomination takes time and planning.

Use the submission criteria

Don’t start from scratch — build your submission from the specific criteria developed around the area of excellence that best fits your nominee: Innovation and Curiosity, Collaboration and Communication, and Positive Work Environment and Community.

Read the examples provided for each category and plan how you will illustrate the person’s strengths through the given criteria.

Ask around for multiple points of view

You don’t need to nominate alone — work with a partner or group to make an outstanding submission. A nomination package should include testimonials from multiple people who have collaborated with the nominee in the past.

Ask for input from the nominee’s leaders, peers and direct reports (if applicable) to help illustrate a complete picture of their successes.

Start early — nominations close April 7

Winning nomination packages take time and require co-ordination from multiple people, including leaders who may have limited availability. Start on your package early to ensure all contributors have time to offer thoughtful input.

Do not miss a chance to celebrate your team’s heroes.